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legendary voices of Theodore Bikel

Lian Ensemble, Merima Kljuco & Alireza Shahmohammadi


Majnun,that childlike wonder that embraces the inner workings of the world and cares little for societal taboos, has shaped the artistic synthesis of Persian multi instrumentalists Houman Pourmehdi and Pirayeh Pourafar, and Bosnian concert accordionist Merima Kljuco. These remarkable performances are both beautifully matched in purpose and flexible enough to integrate unique contributions by the legendary voices of Theodore Bikel, Alireza Shahmohammadi, Anthony May and gheychak master Mani Bolouri. Grounded in their respective traditions, and joined by the belief in an infinite shared by people of all cultures, the music that pours forth from the musicians of Majnun is as unconventional, unpredictable, and enchanted as its namesake.









The Window

to Dr. Javad Nurbakhsh (1926-2008)


The tracks on “The Window” are their first, uncut takes. They are firsts of their kind: Persian classical and Sufi music coupled with the earth-mystic sounds of the Tuvan Master Throat Singers. Go ahead, give it a listen: be transcendent.

Lian Ensemble

Pirayeh Pourafar  tarMani Bolouri  kamanchehHouman Pourmehdi  vocals,udu drum, frame drum

Chirgilchin Ensemble

Igor Koshkendey, igil, doshpoulour, throat singing,

vocalsAldar Tamdyn, byzaanchy, igil, doshpoulour, throat singing, vocals

Mongun-ool Ondar,igil, doshpoulour, throat singing, vocals

Aidysmaa Koshkendey   vocals







The Tale of Unity
Lian Ensemble

Djivan Gasparyan, Duduk
Pandit Swapan Chaudhuri, Tabla
Pirayeh Pourafar, Tar
Miroslav Tadic, Guitar
Houman Pourmehdi, Tonbak
Randy Gloss, Riq

In the Pangea, musicians are playing for the first time together. These recordings were the result of first take improvisations in the studio.

The Silence Of Solitude

Love's Tale

Love is Sweet

The Traceless Ocean

You and I





The Hidden Sacred

Dark Wing

"Dark Wing's The Hidden Sacred is one of the most unusual and enjoyable records I’ve ever heard."

Tom Schnabel, KCRW

Dark Wing (David Johnson, Ivan Johnson, Houman Pourmehdi, Pirayeh Pourafar) plays a unique blend of world music and jazz using free improvisations and original compositions for marimba, vibraphone, bass, tar, setar, ney and a variety of percussion instruments.
This recording is dedicated to all those who seek and practice the principals of peace and human rights. There is a scared core in all of us and it is our hope that this hidden sacred core will be open and willing to accept God's desire for us to love life and to learn from each other.












Hymn For Bam

Insulin Man

La Llorona

Memoria E Fado


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Lian Ensemble

The music presented in this recording was written as a requiem for the victims of the appalling and tragic earthquake in Bam that has left over 80 thousand dead and injured in 2003. It is music not just to be heard, but felt. Khake Heyran (Bewildered Earth) shows powerful compositional skills in writing classical Persian music for incorporating Western and Eastern orchestration techniques. It is an album that compelling and imaginative ideas will find its rightful place among world music lovers collections.




Lian Records Release


When Lian Ensemble begins to play, the hues of their exquisite instruments, the mystic poetry, the superb improvisations in Persian, Hindustani, and World Jazz traditions - all of these elements converge, and the subtle alchemy begins to work its magic, generating sparks that have transported their huge audiences time after time ... come closer to the fire, and enjoy the light.
John Schneider, Global Village, KPFK-FM




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The art of Persian and Indian Improvisations


This CD by Rajeev and Houman is very special as it bridges a gap in the history of Persian/Indian music. These incredible artists, although being of two different traditions, clearly show the influence of Persian music on the music of north India...
John Bergamo

Listen to excerpts from the CD


Lian Records Release

Lian Ensemble Live in Concert

Live recording of the works of grand masters of Persian music based on the poems of Rumi, Bahar, Jammi, and Rahi-Moayeri. Persian traditional music in its original form.

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Houman Pourmehdi and John Bergamo

Percussive masters perform creative and powerful improvisations with complex rhythmic patterns. Double CD set.

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Lian Ensemble

An innovative approach to Persian traditional music. Original compositions in CHAHARGAH mode with poetry of Rumi, Nima and Akhavan

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Lian Ensemble

Original Persian and Flamenco Mystical Music. Sufi poetry by Dr. Nurbakhsh

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